Murphy's Wine Shop - Notes from the Tasting Panel Nov 7, 2018


Today we had the honor of tasting with Mitch Cosentino  of PureCru wines a sampling of his releases. Mitch is an icon of innovation in the Napa winemaking tradition. Cosentino began making wine in small lots in Modesto, California in 1980. Ten years later he moved the Cosentino Winery operation to the Napa Valley, where he continued to make many award-winning varietal and blended wines.

Cosentino has a gift for identifying fruit sources and is highly skilled and artistic in determining blends. He’s a big believer in the hands-on, old world use of punched cap fermentation, a labor-intensive, hand-crafted method of winemaking. When it comes to the small lots Cosentino puts into his PureCru blends, this "micro" approach to winemaking allows him to better control the delicate process from the vineyard to the bottle.

All of the wines that we tried were impeccably balanced between fruit, acidity and oak, and will make for great food wines as well.

If you like a beautiful, Haut Brion Blanc style of wine that is value priced, this wine is it! The wine exhibits straw and citrus fruit aromas on the nose, both elegant and inviting. On the palate, beautiful flavors of melon and mineral are fused perfectly and complement each other within a framework of effusive acidity. The finish is of lingering guava with a hint of mineral.
This Chardonnay is a departure from the every day Napa or CA Chardonnay - think Burgundy instead. Mitch carefully picks lots from his vineyards for this wine, both clones from old Meursault and old Chablis vines. The resultant wine is a balanced style of Chardonnay that exhibits the complexity of Meursault with its butter, coconut and oak aromas, with the elegance of a Chablis in the elegant structure and mineral finish of the wine. The finish itself is markedly different for a Napa Chardonnay as well - long and elegant, with a framework of oak and mineral interplay. This is a long lived wine, with the 2014 being the current vintage. Mitch states that it is because he doesn't utilize any malolactic fermentation in the wine, which allows the wine to evolve far longer in the bottle. 
Mitch grows a small amount of some GREAT Cabernet Franc, and this one is the best that I have tried in a very long time. Thats because this is his tenth Reserve Cabernet Franc with fruit from the great Carpenter Vineyard, it is the second for pureCru Winery.  This is for those that have followed Mitch's Cab Francs going back to the mid 1980’s. The nose on this wine is of bright perfumed berry and is followed by some refined aromatics of pepper and clove. On the palate, there are rich yet restrained flavors of currant, blackfruit and spice. The finish is a long and lingering one. This is a perfect accompaniement for Lamb, grilled meats and game.
All of these wines are very limited here in the Atlanta market as they are small production wines by nature. As an example, the Cabernet Franc has a production from the winery of only 100 cases, with the others being only slightly more. 
These wines are signally unique and won't last long! Please get your orders in for a few bottles before they are gone!
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