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2021 Andis Painted Fields
‘Curse of Knowledge’ Bordeaux Blend


Andis Winery


This week we are thrilled to introduce you to a truly remarkable wine value, the 2021 Painted Fields ‘Curse of Knowledge’ Bordeaux Blend by Andis Wines.

Crafted in collaboration with renowned winemaker Philippe Melka, this wine showcases Andis’ commitment to excellence and sustainability. Meticulously selected and blended grapes create a harmonious symphony of flavors, including ripe berries, dark cherries, and plum, complemented by subtle spice and oak. The velvety texture leaves a lasting impression on the palate.

Known for their commitment to sustainable farming practices, Andis takes great pride in their vineyards. They prioritize caring for the land and fostering biodiversity. Soil management techniques ensure optimal fertility and health, while water conservation methods promote responsible usage. Owl boxes built in the vineyard lessen the need for chemical pest control while simultaneously supporting wildlife preservation efforts in the local ecosystem.

Don ‘t miss the opportunity to savor this extraordinary wine, as availability is limited.


Allow yourself to be captivated by the magic of Andis Wines, Philippe Melka's expertise, and the remarkable value that the Curse of Knowledge offers!

Wine is in stock and available. Orders received before 7pm will be available for same-day pickup. Murphy's Wine Shop is open until 8pm daily!


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